Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am on the home stretch of my newest Bible Study, Core Elements. To say it has been an interesting journey so far would be an understatement. I don't refer to this study as what chapter I'm on but that I have only five lessons to go to reach my finish line.

I (and other people) who have spoken in Church will often say they are preaching a message which they first preached to themselves.

The same can can be said of writers. I find that I have been challenged by this study.  This topical study is based on the idea that just like a person has to commit to doing specific exercises to have a strong core, it is important to understand there are corresponding exercises in our spiritual lives in order to develop a strong spiritual core.

I chose the topics with the thought that these are basic to developing and growing our faith. In describing my project, I said it was based on the things I wish I had been taught when I was a younger Christian.

I though that, being the "mature" Christian that I am - and I will never tell you just how mature that is, I had a good handle on these basics.

Boy, was I wrong!

The following is  an excerpt from the lesson on witnessing.

If given a choice, I think most Christians would rather have a root canal done without an anesthetic than speak to other people about their faith.

This is one of those topics for which there has been much discussion, books written and internet sources that we are inundated with ways to share our faith without actually talking to people. I remember as a shy teen in high school inconspicuously dropping Chick Tracks in the library, cafeteria, and stairwells; convincing myself that I was witnessing.  

I am much older now (not going to tell you how much older…) and I still struggle a lot with sharing my faith with others. Some people are naturals when it comes to witnessing. Others, like myself find it difficult and often remain silent. 

I tend to forget at times the Bible is described as a mirror, held up so I can not only see my strengths but also my weaknesses.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

2 Years? Really.. How Time Flies..

I was surprised to find out I haven't touched this blog in almost two years. I guess that means I'm not using it to it's full potential.

There are so many practical applications I can use this blog for, but I find myself focusing on other priorities; like keeping to my writing goals. I barely made them last year. This year is looking somewhat more hopeful.

I also find I am getting distracted somewhat in my writing. I have several projects I would like to explore. The problem is there are so many wonderful ideas that keep popping up.

I completed and release my latest study guide last September In Hot Pursuit: Twelve Things God Wants Us to Pursue. The idea came to me as I was listening to a sermon on this topic. Afterword I spoke with the preacher and asked him if he had plans to turn his message into a book.

He said no and my next question was, "Do you mind if I do?"

What a fascinating concept. Instead of running all over the place trying to figure out was God wants me to do, all I have to do is concentrate on these twelve things and the rest will fall into place.

Well life and our spiritual walk is never so cut and dried. It would be nice if it was.